[G18SN03] Announcement- About Galaxy TEE Ink

        Galaxy Eco Solvent Ink is one of the trademark product of our company. This
ink has been manufactured since 2010, and exports to more than 60 countries in the world.

        High and stable quality of Galaxy eco solvent ink keeps a high demand in the
market, and it leads to the fact that counterfeit and fake products regularly appear in the market. Of course, its easy to imitate the design of original inks bottle, but the technology of product is much more difficult to copy. Therefore, such counterfeitinks doesn’t output proficient printed images, moreover, there is high possibility to damage print heads.

    In 2017, we are going to take effective measures in the struggle against counterfeit and fake inks in all export markets. For this reason, we change ink model to TEE. We only deliver it to our official distributors in overseas market.

To find out more about official distributors, you may visit here

Official Distributors get exclusive right to sell an imported product in a target
country, and they also guarantee product supply in compliance with technological requirements.
You may review new export package here.

Universal Phaeton Digital Equipment Ltd.
19 April.,2018